For the past 15 years, Adam Thomas has been a glassmaker.
He approaches his craft with what could only be described as a relentless fervor for an art form that expresses the true essence of his being. In Adam's own words, "Making art is a spiritual endeavor that provides me with a way to explore and work through emotions and personal ideas. It has given me a purpose and self worth that has allowed me to develop my identity as an artist, and as a human."

He graduated from College for Creative Studies with a bachelor’s in crafts, and a focus in glass. In 2013 he cofounded a Detroit studio known as The Juicebox. In addition to creating his own art, this is also the place where he designs and commissions work for others. The pieces he produces are all hot-worked, which includes traditional furnace work that is blown and sculpted with hand tools while hot, or manipulated with a torch. His art and designs have been displayed at shows including SOFA Chicago, as well as many local businesses in Metro Detroit.